Frequently Asked Questions

What is new in the latest release, version 2.5?

Lots of you were asking us for an easier way to import your own DRM-free EPUB books into MegaReader, so in version 2.5 we have added iTunes File Sharing. This allows you to drag books into (and out of) the MegaReader File Sharing section in iTunes.

To import books, select your device in iTunes, then the Apps tab, then select MegaReader in the file sharing section at the bottom, then drag and drop your books to the file sharing window or select the Add… button.

You can also use iTunes File Sharing to backup your books. Simply drag them from the file sharing window to a directory.

In order to help organize all the books you are going to be importing into MegaReader, we have added a hierarchical author view. Now when you select the Author sort in the Library, there will only be one entry per author. If an author has more than one book then you can select that author to see all of their books listed.

We’ve also added support for having lots and lots of books in the app at once. We tested with over 2500 books and the app barely flinched – loading in less than 15 seconds. That’s faster than it used to load with 50 books. And with fewer books it’s even faster.

And, of course, there were the obligatory bug fixes, including:

  • Fix for rotation bug that would sometimes cause half of the screen to get cut off.
  • Fix for TOC issue where table of contents for some books wouldn’t display properly.
  • Fix for issue where images would sometimes not be displayed.
  • Fix for Calibre2OPDS catalog formatting issues.
  • Fix for issue caused when catalog “Load more…” was tapped more than once.

As always, this is a free upgrade.

I have an idea for a great feature you should add to MegaReader.

Excellent! You can add it to our feedback forum or vote on the idea if it is already there.

What books are available in MegaReader?

MegaReader comes with 26 books to get you started and you can download over 2 million more from the catalogs. We couldn’t possibly list them all here, but to get an idea you can look at the free book catalogs at:

What other apps does MegaReader integrate with?

MegaReader integrates with the Instapaper and iBookshelf apps.

Instapaper allows you to save web pages to read later. From within the Instapaper app you can share an article with MegaReader, which will open it in the Pasteboard section of the app. You can easily return to Instapaper with a link back to the app.

iBookshelf allows you to catalog your physical and electronic books. You can easily add a book from MegaReader to your iBookshelf catalog. Or, from iBookshelf, you can choose to read a book in MegaReader, if it is available in your MegaReader library.

Can you really read on the heads up display?

Yes, it actually works quite well, but it helps if you tweak the settings some:

  • Choose a bold font and make it a little bit bigger than usual.
  • Adjust the heads up display transparency such that it is slightly opaque.
  • Experiment with the HUD color schemes or choose your own colors.
  • White colored text is usually a good choice.

Does MegaReader run on the iPad?

Yes. MegaReader is a universal app which works on the iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch.

What book catalogs are available in MegaReader?

These are the catalogs currently available in MegaReader:

What other catalogs can I add to the app?

MegaReader supports OPDS and Stanza format catalogs. Here are some additional ones that we know about. Please let us know if you know of others.

Can I access my books in Dropbox?

We don’t have direct support for Dropbox yet, but you can download your DRM-free EPUB books into MegaReader using the Dropbox web interface. Just tap on the book link and choose to open it in MegaReader.

Alternatively you can use Calibre2Opds to create an OPDS catalog of your books in Dropbox; which you can then add to the list of catalogs in MegaReader.

Where can I find books written in other languages besides English?

Many of the catalogs included with MegaReader provide books in a variety of languages. Here is where to look:

  • Feedbooks Public Domain: Feedbooks -> Public Domain Books -> Languages
  • Feedbooks Indie: Feedbooks -> Original Books -> Languages
  • Project Gutenberg: Project Gutenberg -> Language of Books
  • Munseys: Munseys -> Languages
  • Internet Archive: Internet Archive -> Search (magnifying glass)

Do I need a network (WiFi or 3G) connection to use MegaReader?

No, each edition of MegaReader comes packaged with a set of full-length books. If you do have a network connection you can download additional books, which will then be available offline.

What eBook format does MegaReader support?

MegaReader supports DRM-free EPUB format eBooks. You can also import text via pasteboards and web pages via integration with the Instapaper app.

Does MegaReader support ePub books with DRM?

No, MegaReader cannot read ePub books with Digital Rights Management (DRM) at this time. However it does support DRM-free ePub books.

Can I read PDF documents in MegaReader?

Not directly, but you can use the free Calibre software to convert PDF documents into ePub.

Can I use MegaReader to read my Kindle/iBook/Nook/Sony/Adobe books?

Unfortunately, no, not at this time. Most eBook retailers protect their books with DRM, which prevents other readers from accessing the content. That said, we would love to support these formats and we’ve requested the eBook retailers to give us access.

How can I import my own DRM-free ePub books into the app?

The easiest way is to use iTunes File Sharing. To import books, select your device in iTunes, then the Apps tab, then select MegaReader in the file sharing section at the bottom, then drag and drop your books or select the Add… button.

You can also access the books on a web page or e-mail the books to yourself. You can then tap on a book link and choose to open it in MegaReader.

And finally you can import your books into the free Calibre eBook Management software, on your Mac or PC, and turn on the Calibre Content Server in the preferences. If your iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad is connected to the same network as your Mac or PC, then it should automatically recognize and add the Calibre library to your list of book catalogs.

If MegaReader doesn’t find the catalog automatically, first try restarting the Calibre app. If that doesn’t work, then try resetting your device. If it still isn’t recognized then you can add the Calibre address manually. The Calibre catalog address is usually something like http://yourhost:8080/opds.

Alternatively, you can use personalbookspace or Calibre2Opds to access your eBook library in the cloud.

Are you planning on releasing an Android version?

It’s on the list of things to do, but we don’t have an ETA at this time.

Do you have a PC or Mac version?

Nope, not yet.


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