We think this app is fantastic, and you will too – here’s the rundown why:

Tons of Books (Well Millions Actually)

Once you find and download the books you want to MegaReader they can be enjoyed anywhere, anytime without the need for an internet connection.
We even pre-loaded the app with 25 full books to get you started. So you can begin reading straight away.

Once you are ready, the catalogs are easy to navigate. Search by book or author, browse categories (such as mystery, action, romance, science fiction) or take advice from others and read recommendations and reviews.

If you’ve got DRM-free books, import them over Wi-Fi using the free Calibre eBook Management software.

Sleek Customization

Choose your reading experience. You can personalize the look of your book by selecting one of the 19 predefined color schemes or create your own from 1000s of colors. There are 23 font options, 100s of font sizes, margin width, line spacing, and text justification.

Portrait or landscape modes can be locked depending on preference, making it easy for you to read when you are lying down or moving around.

There’s also a built-in speed reading test to test how fast you read— we’ll use the result to calculate and display how long it will take you to finish a chapter.

Easy Integration

MegaReader works with iBookshelf and MyLibrary—two popular cataloging apps—to keep track of all physical and digital media assets and to customize your book cover images in MegaReader.

Take a sneak peak at what the app looks like.


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